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Re: My "Hero" Blog

Next, I took my Dad and Grandpa through the Rubicon for Fathers Day with a few of my friends and their Dads. It was such a great feeling watching them enjoy the Rubicon experience. We went in Loon and out Tahoe. Here are a few pictures.

Camp at the top of Big Sluice

Coming down Big Sluice

My buddy Tucker pretzeled his driveshaft in his IFS Yota on Big Sluice, so we hit it with a rock until it was straight again and then I welded 5 wrenches and a screwdriver to it to strengthen it. It was welded using two batteries hooked up in series, jumper cables as leaders, and 5 pairs of sunglasses as a welding hood. It made it all the way through the Springs and up Cadillac Hill with no issues, and even drove 60+ all the way home on the highway with minimal driveline vibrations.

Mike 3-wheeling at the Springs

Tucker crossing the Rubicon River to get to our camp spot.

Observation Point

My Dad and Grandpa and I

Such a wonderful trip and is definitely one I will never forget!
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