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Re: My "Hero" Blog

For those of you who are unaware, I hit up Slickrock multiple times during the past week. I met up with Jon (blondejoncherokee) for a bit and then set off on my own. Heres some pics:

A few days later we fooled around on the fire roads and went out to a pretty cool cabin called Bear Trap Cabin. Its a Forest Service owned cabin that is open for anyone to use for up to 21 days. Its pretty legit.




Sits along a beautiful meadow

I have plenty more pictures (of the Jeep), but they are on my sisters boyfriends camera. I should have them within the next few days and they should blow these pics away.

Total Trip Damage:
-Bashed in front bumper
-Scuffed up passenger flare
-Leaking rear diff (my fault)
-Chewed up tires
-A lot of new dents/scrapes underneath

Now back to the build:

Today I picked up some plates to make bumper mounts/brackets out of. 1/4 steel. Beef.

I also put in an order for 2 sticks of 1.5" .120 wall DOM for my front and rear bumpers. It should arrive here Monday.

Should be mounting the bender this weekend (finally).

Soon to be done list (in order):
-Install new gasket in rear diff
-Mount Bender
-Build Front Bumper
-Build Rear Bumper

List Continued (out of order)
-Buy 33's
-Rocker replacement sliders (to tie cage into)
-Build Cage
-ZJ Tie Rod

Thats all for now!
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