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My "Hero" Blog

Ill start out by introducing myself. My name is Kevin, and I am from Pleasanton. I have been around ATV's, go-karts, dune buggies and automobiles all of my life, and have enjoyed every second of it. This build is just feeding my addiction.

So I got this 96 Jeep Cherokee Sport for $2000 w/112,000 miles. It was in immaculate condition. Paint is (was) perfect, and interior is almost spotless. It has a 8.25, D30, AX-15, NP231, 4.0 I6. Has a slight miss at idle but runs strong. This XJ is my first car and will be my daily driver and weekend wheeler.

Here I will be keeping track of all that I have done, and all that will be done in the future. All tips, comments, jokes etc are welcome!

I couldn't wait to wheel, so just a few days after I got it, we headed up to our cabin at Lake Alpine and hit up Slick Rock. Got about half way through and then chickened out.

When I got home, I bought a Rough Country 4.5" full leaf kit, and riced it up a bit with some red walmart paint.

Drag XJ

Lift Complete

Wired in an electric semi horn. Had some fun scaring people with this

Then I made some rock sliders, installed a Warn T-case skid, RC Front diff skid, changed all the fluids, threw on some 31's on Black steelies, and took her to Hollister.

Poser shot FTW

Pops drivin

And how it got its name

Don't worry, the rice in the windows is long gone.

That pretty much brings it up to speed.

List of mods so far:
RCX D30 Diff Guard
Home made rock sliders
31x15x10.5 Kenda Klevers
Black RCX Steelies
WARN T-case Skid
Thrush Welded Muffler (Flowmaster 40 Knock-off)
6.5" Polk db650 Speakers
Removable Doors

Soon to come:
Shackle Relocation Brackets W/longer shackles (already have them)
RE Hack n Tap SYE
Rear Brake Lines
Longer Rear Shocks w/ shock towers in cargo area
Tube Bumpers Front and Rear
Tube Doors
Hybrid Cage
Home Made Long Arms
Longer front shocks (possibly with shock hoops in engine bay)
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